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ADVC110 Audio Problem

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  • ADVC110 Audio Problem

    I am trying to encode VHS tapes through the ADVC 110 into my computer
    (anologue A/V in to DV out). Video is fine, but I receive no Audio whatsoever.

    Here's the troubleshooting so far:
    The audio from the tapedeck directly in to a monitor works fine (no problem with the cord, tapes, or audio output from the deck).

    I can import video and audio from various dv cameras through a firewire directly into my Sony Vaio (premier, windows movie maker and "Click to DVD") editing programs, and all works fine.

    I can import analogue video through the ADVC 110 no problem in to these three programs, but no audio.

    I have switched all 6 toggles on the ADVC 110 to no avail. Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!

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    What kind of deck are you using and what kind of outputs does it have? The ADVC will be expecting a consumer line-level output.

    If you connect your DV camera's analog outputs to the ADVC's analog inputs and play something (or use camera mode), do you get audio?


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      A few more questions:
      • Are you using an external power pack for the ADVC110 or is it powered from the firewire port?
      • Has it worked previously or is this the first time you have tried?
      • Is the computer you are connecting your ADVC110 to the same as your Sony Vaio?
      • Have you played back the captured file from your ADVC110 to check for audio, or have you only been listening for audio during capture?