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  • Picture Controller Preview

    ADVC300. Component video from ADVC output to TV. Firewire PC-ADVC (6-pin). S-video input from satellite rcvr or VHS. ADVC DIP switches off except for: (SW1) 5 [7.5 IRE] and 8 [PC]; (SW2) 2 [Chroma Filter 2.0 MHz]. Windows XP Home w/svc pak 2 installed. Dell 8300 w/LCD display (calibrated by Spyder).

    Problem: The PC300 Preview window shows an exremely bright video with the default settings. The TV monitor view is ok. Playing around with the video settings never seems to approach a quality picture in the preview window and quality is worse on the TV monitor. The default settings give the best TV monitor picture.

    Another interesting item is that the capture window in Premier 2.0 also shows the same extremely bright video but once saved and brought into Premier for editing, those monitors show the video like it appeared on the TV monitor. In addition, if the captured AVI video is played on say Windows Media Player, it looks like the extremely bright video; however, if the captured video is written to a DVD and played on the TV, it looks ok. Makes no difference if the input is from VHS player of satellite recvr.

    Picking on the PC300 since it is the first place in the recording line that the problem appears.

    Any ideas? Right now it is useless to use the PC300 preview window for video (audio no problem) adjustments.


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    Your hardware video overlay's gamma setting is messed up.

    What video card / integrated graphics controller do you have? Try opening the Control Panel and Display applet, and see what controls are there. Also consider installing the latest WHQL-certified drivers if you haven't updated in a while, that will usually reset things to usable defaults as well.


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      Graphics Card is NVIDIA GeGorce FX5200, 128 MB memory, 1024x768 pixels, 32 bit color quality.

      Have a question into the NVIDIA forum regarding this question. Was placed reply yet. Did bring up the NVIDIA control panel but have no idea what to look for as a potential solution.



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        Depending on the version of the ForceWare drivers, there should be a Video Overlay Settings group somewhere. Once you click on that, click on the Adjust Colors button, and then Restore Defaults.