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Capturing PAL60 video format?

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  • Capturing PAL60 video format?

    I'm in the UK and have an ADVC 100 & 300, 99% of my video collection are standard UK PAL format but I have one or two NTSC tapes of films that just weren't released anywhere on DVD, laserdisc (I have one of those) or on PAL VHS.

    My PAL VCR can play the tapes but outputs what's known as PAL60, NTSC framerate with PAL format colour, so trying to capture with an ADVC gives you black & white NTSC video.

    Short of importing a standard NTSC VCR from America or buying a true multistandards VCR, either will be fairly expensive and seems a bit overkill just to capture a couple of videos, the only other solution I can think of is getting one of those converter boxes which turns the PAL colour signal back into NTSC (mainly sold to the console players who like importing games) but how good are they? or does anyone have a different solution?

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    As the ADVC does not accept PAL 60 I have three suggestions.
    1 Purchase the amazing ACE converter - that will output PAL 60 as PAL
    2 email me [email protected]. I have a couple of redundant Genuine Multi Format VCR - ie PAL NTSC SECAM. Would not want more than the cost of a large bunch of flowers for my lady. You can then capture as NTSC or convert.
    3 Send me the tape and I will capture to any format you require but at the appropriate rate