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ADVC300 color-space of DV output.

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  • GrassValley_BH

    The datastream coming in over FireWire is already compressed DV data, so if you do any traditional "capture" you'll end up decompressing and recompressing it. The ADVC looks and acts like a DV camcorder/deck.

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  • Meow
    started a topic ADVC300 color-space of DV output.

    ADVC300 color-space of DV output.

    I seem to be able to capture it as whatever I wish to capture it in.
    The DV stream is dvsd RGB24 according to one package, but UYVY according to another, or YUY2. So my question is:

    What is the actual color-space it is supposed to send out when using it in PAL 720x576 25p, from VHS/Hi8 sources on the s-video input?
    (and why on earth is that info not ANYWHERE in the specs or documentation?)