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Why S-Video ?

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  • Why S-Video ?

    Can anyone tell me what the advantage of using S-Video connections is?
    I'm trying to connect a VCR (it has S-Video IN/OUT) to the DV Storm to convert some VHS videos to .AVI.

    The manual describes the connection below as the preferred connection method for analog video, so can anyone explain to me why?

    The other alternative method is via composite video cable and stereo RCA

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    S-Video uses separate pins for luminance and chrominance, rather than combining them into one. The combining and separating of the signals prior to and after putting the signal on the wire degrades the image and introduces noise.


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      The manual is correct, in that S-VHS is preferrable to RCA composite.


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        If your source device has S-Video connection, use it instead of Composite.
        The only exception to this rule would be in the case of a Laserdisc source.
        Higher-end LD players often had S-Video outputs.
        However, the video itself is stored on the LD in a composite manner, so if you have a device with good Y/C separation, then you may be better off using high quality, shielded and short composite feed to the ADVC and let the ADVC do the Y/C separation instead of having the LD player do it.


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          Originally posted by EDV Productions View Post
          The other alternative method is via composite video cable and stereo RCA
          On a side note, even if you use S-Video instead of Composite/RCA, you must still use a (typically) red/white RCA cable pair for the audio, since the S-Video cable does not carry that.


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            Good thing to point out. People often think audio is carried on S-Video... not sure why, but they do...


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              Did you people notice that I'm not using an S-Video to S-Video connection?

              I only have the DVStorm2 Capture Card (no Storm Bay) which doesn't have S-Video In/Out. So I guess it's S-Video (VCR) to Composite connection. Is this type of connection still a better choice?


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                Originally posted by EDV Productions View Post
                I only have the DVStorm2 Capture Card (no Storm Bay) which doesn't have S-Video In/Out.
                DVStorm2 boards have always had S-Video In/Out. The connectors are 2 x 7-pin miniDIN, one for input and one for output.

                7-pin miniDIN permits both S-Video and composite input (via a supplied converter cable). This is standard on the board itself, and does not require the presence of a StormBay.


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                  I thought the 7-pin miniDIN connectors were just for composite, but thanks for clarifying that.
                  Now, once you've made the S-Video connection (VCR to DVStorm) is the capture process done through Premiere Pro?
                  By the way, can anyone tell me what is the correct installation order for the following:

                  DVStorm2 Capture Card (internal PCI)
                  PremierePro 2
                  DVStorm2 Drivers for PremierePro

                  I've already installed Premiere Pro, don't know if I should have installed the Storm drivers first.



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                    I believe Premiere Pro 1.5 was the last version that would work with any Storm. PPro 2 and later will not recognize the Storm as a capture and realtime output device.

                    However, you can download the DV Capture utility from the Canopus/GV support website. Using this utility (after a fresh boot) alone, you can capture up to three different sources similtaneously, but I never do more than one at a time.

                    After saving that captured file and closing the utility, you should be able to open and edit it within PPro 2. But you won't have the realtime output on your separate TV monitor out, as you would with older versions of Premiere and the Storms.


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                      Okay, but what about the Canopus DV Driver? I thought that'd let me use the latest versions of Edius /Premiere Pro ?!
                      Also, it seems you need the Canopus DV Driver before installing MPEGcapture for DVStorm?!?
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                        EDIUS, up to v4.5x
                        Premiere Pro, you need both the DV Driver and the Premiere Pro plug-in which means only up to Premiere Pro 1.5