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ADVC analog audio question...

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  • ADVC analog audio question...

    Hi, anyone knows if any ADVC product is able to output a DV signal with video from the DV source (pass through) and audio from an analog source (Connected to the ADVC)?

    Is the output audio totally in sync if that would be the case?

    Thanks in advance...


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    Since you're coming in with a DV input, the audio output would be from the DV audio.

    Even if you could get another audio source in, it'd likely be out of sync with the DV-decoded video due to the decoding latency. It'd be a constant delay, but a delay nonetheless.

    Alternatively you could use two ADVCs together, though there would still be a DV decompression/recompression.

    DV source --> ADVC #1 --(analog video)--> ADVC #2 --(DV and analog)-->
    Audio source --(analog audio)--> ADVC #2 --(DV and analog)-->

    Note that in this situation unless you're using an ADVC700 or ADVC3000 (can't use the 1000 as it doesn't have analog audio in), you will lose the source DV timecode and it will be replaced with free-run timecode.