I have been using ADVC110 with Mac and Matrox RTX100ExtremePro. In all those cases when I did play back I had both video and audio on output.
I recently upgraded to ADVC300 and captured footages in PP CS3. While capturing I had both video & audio on both computer and TV (using out lines of ADVC300). Now I am trying to edit in PP CS3 and there is no audio on TV (again using ou lines of ADVC300). Should I setup something in PP CS3?
Thank you for your help!!!

hp Quad2.4
OS: Vista Media Center Home premium
Graphic: IntelVIIV, nividia GeForce 7350LE 512M
HDD: 2x320G SATA2 10,000RPM
Audio: RealTek HD 5.1
Firewire: AGERE OHCI