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Capturing from a VHS player to ADVC55 - HELP!!!

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  • Capturing from a VHS player to ADVC55 - HELP!!!

    As my old VHS camera does not provide an AV out, I am trying to capture VHS video (PAL) directly from a Video player to the ADVC55 box. The Video player does not have RCA out, only Scart (AV1 in/out, AV2 in).

    I have found that the Video player will only output via a scart to scart cable (which I have tested to a TV) and not using a scart to RCA cable or RCA cable with a scart converter(s). A DVD player works fine in any configuration (to a TV).

    A separate Hi8 (analogue?) camera works fine RCA to RCA.

    As the ADVC55 accepts RCA only, I am not receiving anything from the VHS player :(

    I am guessing that I am doing something really stupid. Can anybody help PLEASE??

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    Just make sure you tried a proper SCART to composite cable. It should have six cables: 1 video + 2 x audio IN and 1 video + 2 x audio OUT. If it only has three cables they could be IN instead of OUT. Similarly, the SCART to composite adapter should normally have an IN/OUT switch on it.



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      Thanks Ken. I opened up the Scart/composite and I see that it has 3 'ins' and 2 grounds (1 of which is bridged).

      I've ordered a fully wired switchable converter which will hopefully do the trick on a composite cable.

      Are there any big disadvantages to using converters instead of a prewired switchable scart/composite cable?

      Thank you for your help - much appreciated.



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        I've never tried a side-by-side comparison, but don't think you will notice any difference between using an adapter and a pre-wired cable, especially since you are only dealing with VHS source. Others may have more experience and could give you a better idea.