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No audio when importing with ADVC110

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  • No audio when importing with ADVC110

    I am trying to set up an ADVC110 to import analog 8mm tapes. When I attach my camcorder (which is digital) to the ADVC110 with an S-video cable, I can import the video into imovie, but there is no audio with it. Any ideas on how to fix this? (I haven't tried using the composite ports because I'd prefer the S-video quality.)

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    S-Video doesn't carry an audio signal, so you still need to run audio out of the ADVC to the camera.

    Typically, there are two sockets on a camera - one is S-Video, the other is a 2.5mm minijack that is labelled "A/V" - simply plug in AV (1 x minijack to 3 x RCA) cable that came with the camera, and just use the red and white RCA cables for the audio feed.