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  • Canopus ADVC 300

    I've got an ADVC 300 and I'm just set up.

    As a player, I use the Panasonic NV-FS200:
    1. There, I almost always use the TBC function (TimeBaseCorrection) when digitizing.
    2. I set the noise filter to EDIT-ON. As the shots are grainy, but also sharper
    3. Connected to the Canopus via S-Video and Ton Chinch
    Guess that's okay?

    Canopus ADVC 300

    At Canopus are the following settings.
    I have it set up like this:

    1. PHY Speed: S400
    2. Update Mode: Normal
    3. Locked Audio Mode: Locked
    4. Audio Mode: 48KHz_16bit
    5. NTSC Setup Level: 0 IRE
    6. Video Format: PAL
    7. Standby: Disabled
    8. Operation Mode: Unit (Here is not really Unit or PC?)

    1. Video Audio Adjust Mode: Adjust
    2. CHROMA FILTER: 2.0MHz
    3. Component Level: SMPTE
    5. ASPECT RATIO SELECT: 4: 3 Letter Box
    6. Reserve
    7. Reserve
    8. Video Sync Mode: External Sync

    Yesterday I made some test shots and it looks good.

    Now my questions:

    1. Above there is the display "setting LEVEL LED" among others for the picture quality setting, sound quality setting, etc. These are currently not lit with me, synonymous no NR? Is that normal? Or when do they light up?

    2. So that I can use the software "Picture Controller" under Win7, I want to grow on recommendation an old laptop with Firewire. Can I connect it so and then see the settings of the software? The image signal is transmitted to the iMac via Firewire. Attached are some screenshots.

    3. Is it possible to set the ADVC without software? Or reset default?

    What else would you have for tips and hints?

    Greetings Klaus
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    The settings can be made w/o the software. It is covered in the user guide/manual that can be downloaded from the Grass Valley support site if your ADVC is registered.