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ACEDVio card and Win XP64

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  • ACEDVio card and Win XP64

    Hi, I plan to purchase the ACEDVio card but have two quest at least.

    1) Is the ACEDVio card works on a Win XP64 system? Canopus said no, but it's an OHCI card and a lot of OHCI cards works without problems in a 64 bits OS like WinXP64.

    2) Is someone know if the card support an analogical SECAM signal? (It's quite like pal, but french...)

    Thanks for all answers


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    1. Yes, if Windows has a native driver for the NEC FireWarden OHCI Firewire controller and a AV/C compliant DV device (the analog<->DV part of the card).
      But, you should seriously consider whether you want to run x64 Windows as a primary OS in the first place. A lot of hardware doesn't work with it. I highly recommend installing x86 Windows in addition to x64.
    2. No, I don't think ACEDVio supports SECAM.
      Get a regular FireWire card and the ADVC110 instead. The ADVC110 will capture SECAM as PAL. Note that it cannot output SECAM. Analog SECAM input is captured as PAL DV, PAL DV output is output as analog PAL.