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advc-110 -MAC OS 10.4

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  • advc-110 -MAC OS 10.4

    Just got the ADVC-110. Trying to convert VHS tapes. Able to connect and begin conversion using IMovie. Everything worked but there is a constant flicker in the IMovie. The TV monitor is not flickering. Any suggestions.

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    It's difficult to say as I don't have iMovie myself, but what you see is likely one of two things:
    1. If the brightness of the image is varying up and down, this is a sign of Macrovision protection. Most store-bought commercial movies have Macrovision copy protection.
    2. It might be interlacing artifacts.
    What I'd do is capture a segment, then use the export to tape function to send the captured segment back out to the ADVC and view the ADVC's decoded output on the TV. If the problem doesn't show up on the TV, then it's probably just interlacing artifacts (this comes from viewing interlaced video on a computer monitor, which is progressive).