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ADVC 300 vs 700

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  • ADVC 300 vs 700

    Can anyone provide information about differences would exist in image quality (if any) between the 300 & 700 assuming same input signal (S-video)? Will one system be more automatic than the other or can they both provide similar level of automation on cleaning video?

    Can the 700 capture HD video via component? What resolutions can it capture? And does it maintain that resolution or downgrade to SD?

    And finally, can the docs for either of these products be downloaded from anywhere?

    The short version, is like more people, I'm converting old video tapes to digital and I have been unhappy with other products mainly due to loss of color (which is correctable), loss of resolution, and mainly introduction of digital artifacts in detailed or high motion screens. If the 700 actualy provide greater improvements, then I would certainly consider it, and can maybe use it later as a HD input source for my dish to media center.


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    A couple of things:

    - ADVC700 does not support HD in any way, it is SD only
    - The conversion quality of S-Video input will be the same with either ADVC300 or ADVC700
    - ADVC300 has a couple of extra video cleaning abilities, and is cheaper


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      Thank you, thats just what I needed to know. Order placed & looking forward to great things.