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    Unfortunately I have no further input, as I am not on Win10 nor do I have an ADVC55 to test with.

    I am on Win7 and do have an ADVC110, but never a problem using it the hand full of times I needed to.
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    Edius WG 9.54.6706, various 3rd party plugins, VisTitle, Win 7 Ultimate SP1, i7-4790K @ 4GHz with HD4600 GPU embedded, MSI Z97 Gaming 7 Motherboard, 32GB Kingston HyperX RAM, nVidia GTX680 4GB GPU, Matrox MX02 Mini MAX, Corsair 750W PSU, Corsair H110i GT Water Cooler, Corsair C70 case, 8TB Internal RAID 0/stripe (2x4TB Seagate SATAIII HDD's, Win7 Software stripe), 1TB Crucial MX500 SSD, Pioneer BDR-207D, Dual 1920x1080 monitors (one on GTX680 and one on Intel HD4600).


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      Originally posted by Dancer View Post
      After spending more than 2 hours with Driver Support and trying several options, while it's clear the Canopus ADVC-55 is working properly and installed properly in the que, Edius sees it in Settings, but it was still unable to access the Capture function.

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.
      I don't know if it's just a coincidence, but I have been capturing things from VHS and LaserDisc very happily using my ADVC-110 for several years now after finding this forum and using the recommended legacy 1394 drivers in Windows 10.

      This week, the capture stopped working. My ADVC seems to be grabbing the video, and all my software sees the device as "online," and yet the actual capture window with video will no longer appear. I have completely uninstalled (including delete) the 1394 driver and have tried reinstalling after a reboot, but it's still not working. Extremely frustrating.

      My windows update history shows no updates in the last week or two.

      Very frustrating. If I discover anything, I'll report here. :(


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        Canopus advc 110 windows 10.

        I am having issues my ADVC 110 is not working with windows 10. I can't find the 1394(legacy driver) the link is broken on the Microsoft website. I have tried everything.
        Should I downgrade to windows 7?


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          The Win 8.0/8.1 driver works in Win 10. Try


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            My ADVC300 was showing up in Windows 10 as an unknown device represented by a number. With the 1394 driver you recommended, it now shows as AV/C Tape Recorder/Player. More importantly, Canopus Picture Controller will now run. THANK YOU.