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ADVC 110 & XBOX 360 help

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  • ADVC 110 & XBOX 360 help

    Hi everyone. I was thinking of purchasing the advc 110 so that I can record my replays from a game I play on Xbox 360 (Forza 2). I'm using a Macbook, and I'm not sure if the RCA can go in, and then play what's coming from my xbox on my macbook thru firewire. How good might I expect the quality to be, because the cars are going to be moving fast.

    Are there any problems I should be aware of before purchasing, and can you go in with RCA, and out with a Firewire? It doesn't have to only come out RCA too does it?

    Thanks in advance

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    The ADVC supports either composite or S-Video input, so that's your only restriction - resolution. If you plan to capture Xbox 360 output, you will need to change the console output settings to 480i.

    Beyond that, there shouldn't be any trouble capturing with the MacBook. The actual reproduction of the video should be reasonable (considering the resolution), but I'd recommend capturing S-Video output if you can.