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advc 110 and compatible monitor for 720x480

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  • advc 110 and compatible monitor for 720x480

    the 110 outputs ntsc 720x480 and im looking for ways to view this cleanly, currently i use a dell monitor with a 1050 resolution. i don't want to use an analog tv, because of the weight and space it requires....

    any suggestions to view at this native ntsc rate

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    I use a portable DVD player when I am out in the field. Not quite native resolution (mine is only 480 x 220) but good enough for me to see what is going on, it runs on battery power and as a bonus plays DVDs! Newer portable DVD players with larger screens may display native NTSC resolution, I haven't checked so can't confirm.



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      sorry ken, i meant "to view the video out of pro tools on a monitor with a resolution at 720x480" pro tools shoots out the video track via firewire and into the advc 110 then out to ntsc 720x480. im looking for a way to view that on a monitor in that resolution, so the screen isn't interpolating and extra data or pixels to compensate for the higher resolution of the monitor.


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        there are 2 types of 720x480

        1. 4:3 aspect 720x480

        2. 16:9 aspect 720x480

        to see the best of both worlds, get a Sony LMD 1410 LCD, 16:9 and 4:3 switchable, I got one, it is great and only around $1200
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          The only true way to view a 480i signal is with a CRT. Unless you manage to find an interlaced LCD or plasma, but I don't think they exist...

          That said, the Sony LCD Anton mentioned is designed for video and should be the next best thing if you really can't deal with a CRT. Just keep in mind that it still has the deinterlace the signal, so you might see some deinterlacing artifacts that aren't "really" in the signal.