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  • Minor Probbie:S

    Hi there all. I am using canopus products for years but it's just my first post :P
    I was hoping someone could help me out here. So, here is my problem.
    I was using DvStorm 2 correctly on my previous system ( P4,1Gb Ram , GeForce 4600Ti).
    On my update ( Quad Core, 2Gb Ram, Ati Radeon HD2600 XT) I've installed the board on it.Yet, while other progs work correctly, Storm Edit has no overlay whatsoever. I am frustrated. It's no big deal but I'm used to working with Storm for some projects. Is it just incombatible or it needs some kind of patch/setting?
    I would much appreciate any kind of help.Thnx :D

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    Hi there,

    Unfortunately this isn't the right place to hunt for Storm Edit related solutions. You may have better luck in searching DVStorm+EDIUS related posts here.

    For direct support of Storm Edit software, you'll need to get in touch with tech support - simply follow the links in my sig.