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ADVC-110 wierd image

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  • ADVC-110 wierd image

    I have been using this ADVC with my mac running os 10.4.11 and everything has been fine playing my VCR and capturing in iMovie HD 6.0.3.

    But lately the image looks like a film negative, I try adjusting the tracking on the VCR and that seems to help and I've also cleaned the VCR and tried different RCA cables from the VCR to the 110.

    Sometimes I can get an ok image but not what I once had. My switches on the bottom of the ADVC unit are: 1 off, 2 on, 3 - 4 off, 5 on, 6 off.

    Any suggestions?

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    Does it do this with tapes that were captured correctly in the past?


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      Well, I'm glad you asked. It seems I only have trouble with some tapes.

      I'm thinking now, my advc-110 is working fine.



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        VCRs are unfortunately tempermental beasts.... often times the head gets out of alignment (at least with respect to other VCRs), thus the general advice of playing back the tape on the deck that originally recorded it, whenever possible.

        You may want to try a different deck if you have one, and also check the tape for physical damage - most often the edges get "crinkled" and it causes noise.