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need help with ADVC 300

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  • need help with ADVC 300

    ok Just started to capture with this item, quality of the capturing is great, but things just are not right.

    whilst capturing my audio seems to get stuttering etc if you play back the end product, its fine.

    the video how ever i get lines on every items that move.

    so how do i solve this, as it happens in all software i use to capture and im using PAL and dv-avi capture.

    Now there is only 8 hours until i need to record the WWE live event tonight so please help solve this issue.

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    need help with ADVC 300

    right according to steve from video4euqipment .com my issue is becuase my capturing has de-interlacing issue and should be set as progressivescan (im getting lines on ever item that moves on screen.

    i can not find any setting anywhere in the software or the unit for such an action.,

    please help me

    im using xp sp2 and set as PAL on the unit


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      ok seems to eb a delay with posting as this has only just shown up, hence why i posted this topic (the one your reading now) was posted


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        Threads now merged.


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          Thanks, just wish somebody had an answer fior my issue as its irritating me :(


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            What software are you using to capture? Very few applications will allow you to preview both video and audio during capture, it requires too much processing (the only one I have tried that seems to work reasonably well is the shareware Scenalyzer). Usually I just turn up the sound on the source (eg. video camera) during capturing if I want to hear sound! Once you get used to the fact that the sound is captured okay you probably won't worry about it anymore.

            Regarding playback, the problem you are seeing is that the captured video is interlaced (this is inherent in DV video and required for standard definition PAL or NTSC), but your computer monitor is progressive. If you are using Windows Media Player to play the captured video, it has no de-interlacing function on playback. You could try something more sophisticated like Videolan or Media Player Classic which will do de-interlacing on playback (as will most software DVD players). But really the "proof is in the pudding" and it is what ends up on the final DVD and gets played on your TV that counts. If you are producing a standard PAL DVD then it must be interlaced. So don't try to de-interlace the video during editing -- you will lose half the resolution if you do this.



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              im not tryign to do anything , its captured like that, hence me wanting to get it sorted so i dont have tha noyign lines happening.

              and the audio isnt an issue just something i pointed out.

              well ive tried canpous edius which in my view isnt easy to use and ive given up on it, intervideo dvd creator 3 and 4 captures ok and plays audio with it...just the interlaced issue is there, and they are the only 2 so far that allows audio and video whilst recording, nero plays whilst recoding just not audio but still interlaced issue.

              right just tried that software, although rth capturing is easy enough, there was an option to deinterlace .

              so i actually tried it with yes and it on NO.

              and it made no difference.
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                What you're seeing is typical of interlaced video playback on a progressive display.

                The only reason why you usually don't see it on software DVD players as well is because most software DVD players will deinterlace the image for you.

                If you create a DVD or other output and play it back on a normal tube-based TV, it'll play fine. It'll also look like "normal" TV (what "normal" looks like will depend on the device) on a LCD or Plasma TV as well.


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                  ok so is there any software that enables deinterlacing, as isnt that what helps get rid of the lines as thats interlaced if im correct.


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                    What do you want to do with your captured video? Do you want to burn it to a DVD disc and play it on your TV? If so, then there is nothing wrong. The DVD will be okay.

                    The lines you are seeing on your computer only happen because your computer monitor doesn't like interlaced video. This is normal.

                    If you only ever want to play back your captured video on your computer, then I suggested using VideoLAN or Media Player Classic. These will de-interlace the video on-the-fly during playback. Your computer may already also have a software DVD player which should do the same thing.



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                      no im into capturing programs and other items encoding and cropping in high quality and then uploading to some sites im on so hence why i need to get rid of the interlacing.


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                        What software are you editing with?


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                          im tryign ther following.

                          windvd creator (which has no options at all except the capture for,mat so thats dv -avi.

                          canpous edious is rubbish ...cant even get that thing started

                 options either so i gave up on that one

                          just tried sony vegas tonight and found that had a deinterlacing function...yet that didnt seem to fix the isue which was strange.

                          although i have foudn that in virtualdubmod in the filters there is a deinterlacing function, but doesnt do the job proeperly


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                            It sounds like what you're seeing isn't interlacing artifacts then. Maybe it's decoding latency (shows up like fat "bands" of horizontally offset video), or it could be something else.

                            What're the specs on your system?


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                              well after some testing the audio that sounds like it trips over itself (although is fine with playback) happens with windvd creator 2 and 3.

                              but with others like sony vegas the sound is fine.

                              during recording i dont get the lines which are only on the moving parts like a car and a hand etc and they are thick bands or i could call them "tracks" like from a tractor ? lol

                              now when i have used the top option in virtualdubmod for deinteralcing it does cure the thick bands but only to the extent that you can easily see faint lines going downwards on the whole visual video instead of the specific can only see this happening though when you full screen the video (its played on a 20" asus lcd)

                              the capturing hardware is a canopus advc -300 with the following settings

                              on the back with the mode switchs

                              swich 1
                              1-5 off
                              6-8 on

                              switch 2
                              1-2 on
                              3 off
                              4-5 on
                              6-7 not in use
                              8 on

                              my system setup is as follows
                              quad core Q6600
                              2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 memory modules
                              2x750GB Seagate sata
                              1x350GB Seagate sata