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Canopus adcv 100 goes black

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  • Canopus adcv 100 goes black

    Hi all..Im using a canopus adcv 100 to output video from my mac g5.I have been using the canopus for 3 years without any problem.Lately it happens that randomly the image on tv goes all black.Sometimes images come back again when I turn the canopus off and back on..sometimes it does not work.Also it works again if Ilplulg the firweire cable out and in again,but after some goes balcj again.I dont understand if it is a problem in the firewire bus of the mac or its the capous that is giving up..(I have to say the I used it everyday, for at least 3 hours per day average, for 3 years).Anyway I tried to change the firewire cables but its the same.Any clue?
    Thanks in advance
    p.s. if you think its broken and need to be replaced(warranty is over)..would it be a smart idea to buy the new advc 110 model?

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    Hi Luca,

    There aren't any power-saving modes enabled on the Mac? Sometimes if the computer goes to sleep, the FireWire doesn't wake up when the computer wakes up.

    Do you have another computer you can try it on? A recent update may have changed how the FireWire communication happens on your Mac.


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      Originally posted by GrassValley_BH View Post
      Hi Luca,

      There aren't any power-saving modes enabled on the Mac? Sometimes if the computer goes to sleep, the FireWire doesn't wake up when the computer wakes up.

      Do you have another computer you can try it on? A recent update may have changed how the FireWire communication happens on your Mac.
      Hi..thanks for your reply..
      No.actually there are no power savings of any kind on this g5..
      Also it happens very randomly..Sometimes I can work all day without any problem..Sometimes the monitor goes balck all the time..(and sometimes images come back suddenly even doing anything).I dont know if there si something which is not working in the firewire chain on this g5..but it happened very few times the the firewire discs got disconnected from the chain .they work pretty fine all day long.Aso I changed firewire cables and tried all the firewire ports on the mac but it's the same thing.
      Anymore clues?
      Thanks a lot


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        I have seen this (random disconnects) happen on a Windows machine of mine when I had a number of FireWire drives connected.

        It's not supposed to happen, but it did... I suspect it may have something to do with the FireWire bus clock, but I never could figure it out.

        Do things work better if there is only one FireWire device connected? If so, you could look into getting a separate FireWire bus for the other devices.


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          ADVC300 goes black during playout


          similar problem occurs to me. I have ADVC300 and i use it to play DV files from computer to television. I use it to play for approximately 5 hours without interrupts. However, last week ADVC300 started to make problems. It happens, that randomly it stops to play video out (black screen on TV). When the ADVC300 is reset, it continues playing video. The computer system does not recognize any bus reset. It only recognizes node removal and node re-adding.

          Since i dont want to be "watchdog", i wonder if there is a way to monitor ADVC300 status. Please help me with any suggestions.

          Before i have purchased ADVC100, which started to continuosly burnning new power supplies. Then i got ADVC300, which worked for two years since now very good and therefore I doubt, that this is ADVC's fault.


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            It sounds like you have bad power. Do you have the power supply plugged into a surge protector?

            I would highly recommend investing in a UPS, or at least a Line Conditioner.


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              UPS and ADVC300

              Thanks for help!
              So, You are suggesting, that the bad supply stability could produce similar effects? I have UPS to power ADVC 300. And i will try to change AC/DC adapter. Does anybody know, if it is possible to retrieve the status of ADVC 300 over firewire?


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                canpus advc-300 continues to goes black

                Hello, i have tried to install UPS to ADVC300 and computer, however, the advc continues to make me problems. In last two days i observed several black-outs of the advc. The ADVC box is lifted to reduce heating. Please anybody, who has any idea is welcome to suggest anything.
                What about to change firewire card?

                In details: i am sending raw isochronous dv frames to channel 63. And sometimes i see such line in system (dmesg) log
                ohci1394_0: Iso Xmit 0 Context died: ctrl[0000880e] cmdptr[36ba7600]
                but when the advc goes black, nothing is reported. When i switch it off i see
                bus reset. when i switch it back on sometimes it continues to work and sometimes i have to switch it off and on again.

                Best regards,


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                  How long are your Firewire cables? It might be worth trying a different Firewire cable too. I have had bad Firewire cables before.


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                    advc-300 firewire cable

                    First of all, thanks for help. Hm, i recognize, that the front plug for firewire had not been working for couple of months, therefore i am currently using the back plug. I will try different cable and report the results.


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                      Advc300 Goes Black

                      I have a similar issue or maybe the same issue. I am new to video conversion. I have many old VHS movies that I purchased as well as sporting events I have taped over the years. Most of the things I have converted have done so without issue. Using a VCR and the ADVC300 on analog. I am capturing with Adobe premier pro and noticed mainly on the original VHS movies that I can hear the audio but the screen goes black, but you can see silhouettes of who is on the screen. I guess I am using the basic setup out of the box.

                      The only switch I have set is NTSC setup level. Really like the device, but this is a small distraction.

                      Also, once I convert the video I use Picture controller, but wanted to know if there is other software to clean up the video a little better than the Picture Controller does or any other pointers to make a better picture from old video.




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                        First, just a note for the future, you are usually better off starting a new thread than replying to an old one.

                        Sounds to me like those videos that are dark have Macrovision protection. This is often added to purchased videos to prevent copying! The ADVC300 won't convert such videos.

                        Picture Controller doesn't actually do any cleanup of the video, rather it simply adjusts settings in the ADVC300 which try to cleanup the analog video before converting it to DV. (It is far better to cleanup the analog signal before conversion, rather than post-processing the captured video.)

                        To help with conversion of old tapes, many people recommend a Time Base Corrector (TBC). Search for TBC in these forums to find out more.



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                          Advc300 Goes Black

                          Thanks for the advice, but most of the tapes are purchased tapes. I have had a few that were recorded movies from original VHS movies. Would that macrovision protection still copy over when doing VHS to VHS? Is there any advc hardware that gets through this protection?


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                            Yes, Macrovision protection would be copied over as it is encoded in the original video signal. No, you won't find any ADVC units advertising that they get rid of Macrovision, since it is there to protect copyright!