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  • Advc700

    We have several of these units in our editing department at our station. We have all sort of lock up issues. When you take the VTR out of remote to manual shuttle it will freeze the ADVC700. If we use the Eduis software ,they seem to work ok.But Adobe Premier Pro 2.0 it may are may not work.
    Can any one help us?

    Steve Magee

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    If it's an immediate/critical issue, then you should give our technical support department a call, but if not, I have a couple of questions...
    1. You are using the ADVC in Analog-to-Digital mode, correct?
    2. When you say the ADVC freezes when you switch the VTR out of remote mode, does the ADVC resume when you put the VTR back into remote mode?
    When you switch the VTR out of remote mode, it's probably no longer sending timecode and status information via RS422 to the ADVC, so if the ADVC is translating RS422 timecode to DV timecode and status information to DV status information, essentially the NLE thinks the DV deck has stopped.