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ADVC-700 and Edius 4.24

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  • ADVC-700 and Edius 4.24

    We are using Edius and ADVC 700 in an broadcast editing configuration. We route video and audio through our a/v router to the ADVC.

    When you capture in edius the picture has video specks and the audio crackles. The sound and picture pops are momentary while playing back the video on the computer. If you take the file and pull it up on another computer it is fine.

    We tried to put in an audio isolation transformer and put all the electronic components on an electric filter. No change.

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    So if I'm understanding correctly, the captured file plays back without video specks and audio crackles when taken to another computer?

    If so, that would say that the captured data is correct and unflawed, which is good, and that the specks and crackles are just related to playback.

    Does the playback show specks and crackles when played back out through the ADVC700's analog outputs? (It shouldn't...)

    You don't have a signal loop through the ADVC700, do you? If so, try just doing a straight analog in->ADVC700->firewire out->computer connection.


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      Advc 700

      We do have an Analog in firewire out to CPU connection.

      I tried the video out of the ADVC and when set to DV-> analog we still get specks and audio pops.

      I also tried bypassing everything and hooking up a deck directly to it. Same thing.


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        So connected to a deck, playback of the captured DV stream on the "problem" computer contains specks and "rainbow blocks" from the deck as well?

        If that is true, then there is something wrong with the FireWire output from the computer. Either the stream is not consistent, the clock is not valid, or something is interrupting the outbound data flow.

        Are you playing the data from the same drive the footage captures successfully to?

        If it's a add-in FireWire card, I'd try switching slots (or switching cards entirely), if it's a motherboard built-in FireWire... then maybe try adding an add-in FireWire card just to see.