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ADVC110 DIP switch setting clarification.

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  • ADVC110 DIP switch setting clarification.

    I've got two questions about DIP switch settings on the ADVC110.

    1) Switch 1:
    Digital-in Reference Sync Mode - toggles between Stream Sync and Fixed modes. To make the Video Sync synchronized with the DV Stream Sync, set this Switch in the OFF position. If you set this switch in the OFF position and the color of the output video becomes black and white, set this switch in the ON position, making the Video Sync happen in the fixed timing.
    Can't quite make sense of what this switch is for. Can you explain this a little better?

    2) Locked Audio Mode. I understand the concept, but I'm wondering why I would ever use it in the unlocked position.

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    1) Stream Sync uses the clock signal from the source's 1394 interface. As this can sometimes drift, you can set it to Fixed mode, in which case the ADVC itself uses its internal clock for the output sync. If the video output sync gets too far "out of line" then the receiving device will lose sync (usually first it loses color).

    2) There are rare occasions where you need the samples to be able to drift. It's one of those "if you get bad results, try it the other way" things.


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      OK, Good to know, thanks.