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ADVC110 All 3 lights stay on

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  • ADVC110 All 3 lights stay on

    I just purchased the ADVC110. When I turn it on, not connected to PC, it comes up normally, with either digital or analog light on, and status light off. When I plug it into my PC with digital capture software running, it switches to all three lights on steady. Then it gets hung there and the only way to change it is to power off/on. I haven't been able to capture anything as yet - due to this issue.

    capture software tried: Adobe premier pro, Windows media encoder, Studio 8, and several others.

    It is possible the camcorder output it caputz. Would that cause this kind of behavior?

    I'll try capturing from my TIVO next, but wanted to see if this was normal. The documentation for this hardware is, well, less than optimal.


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    More info

    In playing with this a bit more, it appears that as soon as I plug in the video cable (yellow component) it sets both blue lights and status light on solid.

    any ideas?


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      Can't use ADVC-110

      I still get all 3 lights on solid as soon as I hook up the box to my PC and video output device (camera, tivo etc). Using component and as soon as I connect video cable, all lights go solid.

      So far I have been unable to use this.

      Is this a user error thing - or does it sound like hardware problem? Has anyone out there seen this before?


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        It sounds like the box is bad, or your FireWire port isn't providing enough power (just because it's 6-pin doesn't mean it's adequately powered).

        If you're already using the optional power supply and/or you're sure your FireWire port is adequately powered, then it's time to call support.


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          I am having the same problem with all lights on & stuck. I have had the ADVC 110 for a year now(no problems,great unit) and usually unplugging the fire wire for a minute works.Also quit any open applications while unplugged and/or shutdown computer.
          For me now I have even unplugged all inputs & outputs/quit app's/shutdown/unplugged
          fire wire and it still has all lights on upon restart.


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            Time to call support. It may require an RMA.

            Just as a side note here... When you get a product and it's flakey, it's best to return/exchange it. You wouldn't keep a new car that only went into drive some of the time, right?