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ADVC 110 Win XP vs MAC OSX

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  • ADVC 110 Win XP vs MAC OSX

    I just purchased the ADVC110 and it works perfectly with MAC OSX, but it does not work well with Windows XP. The computer I have is a MAC Pro.

    On the Windows XP side, the Windows Movie Maker recognizes ADVC110 when using it to load from a digital camcorder, but does not recognize it when I try to load an analog file. EDIUS does not recognize ADVC110 at all.

    One other problem the ADVC110 has is that the switch does not toggle between digital and analog on the Windows side. It does toggle on the Apple side. The way I've gotten it to switch back and forth to this point is to use a separate power supply.

    By the way, the ADVC100 works just fine with this same machine -- Windows and Apple. I borrowed ADVC100 from a friend of mine before I purchased mine (ADVC110).

    Any clues?

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    The ADVC should look like a DV camcorder to the system.

    That said, you should first try connecting it as the only DV device connected to the system.

    Connect your analog deck to the ADVC's inputs (remember in is separate from out, except for the FireWire ports which are bidirectional).

    Start playback on your analog deck.

    In your capture software, enable DV device control and send a DV Play command. This should put the ADVC into Analog-to-DV mode.


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      Brandon, thanks a million! Your recommendation worked!!!! Specifically, after I disconnected my 23" HD monitor from the firewire port on the rear of the computer, the firewire port on the front of the computer was released and everything is now working very, very well. That is both OSX and WIN XP. Again, thanks. Al