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ADVC-100 first frame / last frame problem

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  • ADVC-100 first frame / last frame problem

    Hi- I'm using an ADVC-100 as output from a Mac G5 running FCP 6.0.1 The sequence I'm using is Anamorphic NTSC DV. Once rendered the box will spit out the first frame I'm currently on and then the last I end on but no video in between. I've tried "Refresh A/V Device" but it doesn't help. Could someone help me please?

    On an additional note, my original timeline was a ProRes 422 HQ. This seemed to play OK on the fly (although the picture looked to have interlaced issues). I was advised by some that the ADVC-100 is not supposed to support the ProRes codec- any input on this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The ADVC will only decode DV/DVCAM.

    Whatever program you're using to output to the ADVC must provide a DV or DVCAM datastream over FireWire, otherwise you'll get no output (the ADVC will just "hold" the last valid frame it got).