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Does setup 0 IRE or 7.5 IRE matter for digital to analog output to NTSC Monitor?

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  • Does setup 0 IRE or 7.5 IRE matter for digital to analog output to NTSC Monitor?

    I'm using my ADVC-100 for a digital to analog convertor from my NLE (P-Pro) from my PC to a NTSC monitor via S-Video. Does the Setup level 0 or 7.5 have any impact on the NTSC monitor display? OR does it just impact the analog to digital video conversion?


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    When I experiment with both settings I really can't see any difference on the NTSC monitor. It is difficult to tell because of the time it takes to go from one setting to another.

    The reason I ask is because my DVD videos tend to be on the dark side when I play them back on a regular standard def TV. I'm thinking that it may be possible that the ADVC-100 setup level could be making my picture (video) look brighter than it should during editing.

    I'm going use my video camera as a digital to analog converter (via fire-wire / s-video out) to compare.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


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      You're in the USA? You should only be using 7.5..

      IRE 0 is for Japan's flavour of NTSC.


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        It's a common misconception that setup should exist in the DV stream. This is not the case, except for special circumstances (which unfortunately exist with some equipment, or because of some equipment).

        The way things should work is:
        Analog signal input --[Setup removed, if necessary]--> Compression to Digital --> Digital result

        and for output
        Digital source --> Decompression to analog --[Setup added, if necessary]--> Analog signal output