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  • ADVC300 Aspect Ratio

    I'm trying to import S-Video 16:9 output from a PVR into iMovie / MacPro but I can only get a 4:3 image in both iMovie (the project is set to 16:9) and in Picture Controller preview. I've checked the dip switches on the ADVC300 and they're set as:- switch 4 - on, switch 5 - on. Am I missing something?

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    I would capture as 4:3, import into a 16:9 project and have the clip's aspect ratio adjusted to stretch out, filling the frame.


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      Thanks for that, but why can't I import in 16:9 - does the ADVC300 not operate in 16:9?


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        No, it's all to do with the analog signal - 16:9 analog is 4:3 anamorphic, and the ADVC is simply converting what it sees.

        It's up to your video editing software to perform the anamorphic stretch back out to 16:9.


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          Ok, thanks.


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            The DIP switch settings you mentioned only affect what gets displayed on a monitor attached to the ADVC300. They have no effect on capturing.

            Since an analog signal fed into the ADVC300 looks identical whether it is 4:3 or 16:9, the ADVC300 simply sets the flag in the captured DV stream to indicate that it is 4:3 (perhaps showing it's age!). You must then tell your editing application to override this setting and that it is really meant to be 16:9. Not sure if or how you can do this in iMovie (I'm nowhere near a Mac at the moment) but video editing applications that I have used on Windows allow me to override the aspect ratio property of source DV streams.



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              Devices that output S-Video signals will sometimes set the 16:9 trigger in the signal, but not always.