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Plug more than 2 ADVC55

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  • Plug more than 2 ADVC55

    I've got a problem to connect more than 2 ADVC55.
    I've got three ADVC55 units, all three function well and well connected to video camera: green light on the side of the unit, if I connect each separately I am able to capture from the same or different firewire port.
    When I connect the first one, windows detects it and adds it to the list of my hardware, the same for the second but nothing happens for the third one.
    If I change the order of connection I obtain the first two and not the third one.

    Do any of you have experienced this king of trouble?
    How to fix it?


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    Why are you connecting more than one ADVC55?

    DV was intended to be point-to-point (one DV device "talking DV" to another), so lots of software won't work properly with more than one DV device attached to the bus, especially if they're the same make/model device.


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      I am in a gait analysis lab and I need to track people during gait from the front, side and near floor view in the mean time. So I have three cameras and then I have bought three ADVC55. The software I am using is able to capture as many cameras as I want, the only thing that do not function for the moment is the plug and play of all the 3 ADVC55.
      If you have any solution I will much appreciate.



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        I'm wondering if this could be a power issue? Does the firewire card in your computer have the power cable attached?

        Also, I presume you're not running anything earlier than Win XP SP2? There were a lot of firewire fixes in SP2.



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          Ahh, okay. So it's probably not a software issue.

          Check what Ken suggests. If you aren't using the optional power supply, and your FireWire port on your computer isn't getting separate power (and using power from the system bus), then it's quite likely there's not enough power to power all three ADVC units.


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            Ok, I will try that.
            But how to explain that the green light is on, on the ADVC55 side if there is not enough power?