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ADVC55 NTSC, s-video capture etc

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  • ADVC55 NTSC, s-video capture etc

    Hi there,

    My video recorder is a dual pal/ntsc player.

    It plays both formats in full colour via a scart/s-video lead on my TV.

    However, I cannot get the ADVC to capture anything in colour via its s-video port, NTSC or PAL.

    It captures PAL in colour via composite, but NTSC is still grey.

    I don't want to use composite, I want to use svideo. What's going wrong here?

    I sent the unit back to be tested but they found nothing wrong with it. When I explained that I cannot capture even PAL in colour via the svideo port, I was told the ADVC55 "doesnt have the circuits".

    I've proved the VCR can output colour to svideo as it plays fine on the TV.

    Any ideas? I've read about the need to have a VCR that runs in "native" NTSC but it surely doesn't apply here? I plays NTSC in colour just fine through the TV.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated

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    See the thread ADVC Family Common Problems & Solutions and the last problem listed on that page. Your VCR must output true (native) NTSC 3.58 for the ADVC to capture it.



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      Hi Ken,

      Cheers for the reply.

      My problem was two-fold: I cannot capture NTSC in colour and cannot capture colour PAL via the s-video port on the 55

      I understand that I am screwed unless I get a VHS player that outputs in "true" NTSC. Can anyone in England recommend a suitable player, preferably cheap please?:) IS such a thing possible to buy here?

      So that leaves the lack of colour with PAL signal going via the s-video. Any ideas?


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        Did you power cycle the ADVC-55 after changing the DIP switch for PAL capture?



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          Have you tried a different s-Video cable? Black and white video could also be a sign of a bad cable.

          Also, verify the DIP Switch settings.

          PAL = 1/ON 2/OFF
          NTSC = 1/OFF 2/ON (or 2/OFF for 0 IRE)

          There should be no power to the device when changing the DIP settings.


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            Are you using a SCART adapter? Not all devices output the proper S-Video lines via SCART. Sometimes it needs to be switched between Input and Output, other times the device itself might just be sending out Composite, but the SCART adapter doesn't do Y/C separation, and you end up with Composite on Y, and nothing on C.


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              thanks for the responses.

              The vcr plays in colour (ntsc and pal) through the same scart to svideo cable on my tv so I would have thought that proves the cable I'm using?

              I'm going to have another play tonight.....


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                If the same cable works to your TV with color, then you're right - it's probably not the cable (unless your TV auto-switches or otherwise "figures out" the signal).

                Do you have a "just PAL" player you can try? Even a DVD player or PAL camera.