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Newbie ADVC 300 help

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  • Newbie ADVC 300 help

    Ok, I got the ADVC 300 to put video on the screen (I am converting old VHS) and it is being saved to the HD, but there is no sound.

    When I go back to the file on the HD and play it, there is picture and sound.

    I'm sure it is something easy, but I haven't got a clue!



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    If the file on your hard drive contains sound, then your capture software isn't outputting it during capture. What program do you use?


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      THoff, you are right.
      I used WinDV, I also have Adobe Premiere, I tried Adobe and everything worked just fine.
      Is there soemthing special I have to do with WinDV? Come to think of it, I never had sound enerytime I have used WinDV. I have downloaded from my MiniDV camcorder and the sound always has come from the camcorder!

      I'm sure I will have more dumb questions in the coming weeks.



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        I used WinDV as well when I capture from my ADVC-300. Unfortunately it has no means for outputting audio.

        I usually use Picture Controller to configure the ADVC-300, and it does output audio. Once I'm happy with the audio and video, I close the Preview window, and fire up WinDV. You can keep Picture Controller open and adjust the settings while WinDV is capturing, but you can't have the WinDV Preview window open while capturing.