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ADVC 100 no Output to analog monitor from timeline

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  • ADVC 100 no Output to analog monitor from timeline

    Hi there, i have just acquired a used ADVC 100 in order to capture old analog tapes and at the same time to have a (near) real time preview to my TV. Unfortunatelly i have not managed to do that. Any help would be appreciated
    on :

    How to set the jumpers for PAL?
    What can i do to have my timeline from Edius to my TV?

    PS. Is it possible to have the ADVC powered without the external power? (Unfortunattely this used ADVC i got came without power adaptor so i gave the 5V from an external cdrom case (it gives 1A).

    Thank you

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    1. PAL jumper configuration is printed on the underside of the ADVC unit itself, along with all other jumper settings

    2. Ensure you are using an EDIUS OHCI project preset that matches the DV->Analog setting of your ADVC, and then make sure Realtime DV output within EDIUS is switched on (found under 'Hardware Settings')

    3. ADVC100 cannot run without the power supply - this was one of the changes featured with ADVC110


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      No luck, advc works to my computer when fed from DVStorm but not working with my ohci card. On the other machienes i tried it advc is not even recognised in my computer??


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        If the ADVC will work with a DVStorm, but not regular OHCI, I'd start looking around to see what sort of chipset is used with the FireWire cards/ports - or if they are indeed genuine OHCI FireWire ports and not something else (like Soundblaster SB 1394, Pyro or Pinnacle).