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ADVC-55 problem

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  • ADVC-55 problem

    I just purchased this device and started converting video with Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8 and my PC will crash to the point that I need to power down. I also tried using movie maker and the same thing happens. Any suggestions?

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    Can you provide more details on how and when the crash happens?

    It could be a number of things from Vegas to your PC hardware.

    To rule Vegas out, try capturing with WinDV


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      ADVC-55 problem

      I tried capturing with windows movie maker and had the same problem. I problem usually happens with in 2-3 minutes of capturing the video. I have noticed that both my IEEE 1394 ports are setup as networks under my network connections. I have no idea if this is a problem.


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        Yes, definitely Disable the 1394 Network Adapter(s).

        Do you have more than one 1394 controller?

        And... What OS (and Service Pack) are you running?


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          As far as I know, I only have one controller. How can I tell? I am currently running windows XP pro SP2


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            I just asked because you said earlier that both your 1394 ports were set up with 1394 Networking. Usually there's only one 1394 Networking adapter per-controller.

            You may also want to download and install the latest DirectX update from


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              I have one IEEE port on my sound card and one on my Motherboard. Also the WinDV program does not work. I get "error:error" message in bar below capt.file.


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                Hmm... Unfortunately it sounds like your FireWire subsystem is really messed up.

                Maybe try disabling the FireWire on your sound card and see if the system gets less confused.


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                  I think I may have this fixed. I will have to try to capture video this evening.

                  I went and re-installed the drivers for the firewire and ran msconfig and removed anything that was extra, like usbtip.exe and others.

                  Then this morning I opened movie maker and watched the video for about 1.5 hrs and it did not crash.

                  So it looks like some extra programs that were running in the background were giving me grief. I will see what happens tonight. If this does not work I may have to resort to re-installing windows XP so that there is no extra crap from Pinnacle.


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                    I tried it yesterday and had no problems. Thanks for all your help


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                      Cool. Background apps can be a real pain.