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Info on ADVC 50 compared to other models.

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  • Info on ADVC 50 compared to other models.

    Can anyone give me any info on the advc 50 compared to the other models canopus sells? I have it and wonder if other models are just outright better. If so, how?

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    Well, it depends on what you mean by "better". What do you want to do with it?

    The same hardware codec chip is found in the 55, 110 and 300. The 55 has only one-way conversion (analog to DV). The 110 adds bi-directional conversion (DV to analog as well as analog to DV). The 300 includes noise processing which can improve the quality of conversion from older tapes.

    Check the comparison chart for more information. Check these samples which demonstrate the picture enhancements possible with the noise processing functions of the 300.



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      ADVC50 is essentially an internal version of the ADVC55. Quality wise, they are all the same, save for the ones that have additional analog video input processing (i.e. ADVC300).