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Input Select Button on ADVC-300

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  • Input Select Button on ADVC-300

    The input select button doesn't seem to do anything when I push it. It seems like the ADVC-300 automatically selects the input. Even the color bars don't appear when I hold this button down for several seconds.

    I am I missing something or is my unit not functioning properly? Thanks.

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    I have the same situation, glad you posted it. When I first turn the ADVC on I usually get both dig and analog in lites on. In this case the unit cannot be found by any software including Picture Controller. Cycle power on the ADVC and get only one light, on not always the correct one. This time if I start Pict Cntlr, the light switches to the correct one, if necessary. In all cases the input select button does nothing. This is not a serious problem but does make one wonder if something else is wrong.


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      Thanks gemmtn, I guess I'm not the only one. Anyone from Grass Valley???


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        When first powered up, the ADVC will try to auto-detect an input signal. If it finds an active input signal, it'll go into Analog-to-DV mode.

        If it doesn't, it should fall back to one of the modes (depends on DIP switch setting).

        Also, the ADVC will automatically switch modes depending on what DV device control command it receives from the FireWire connection.

        If it receives DV Play, it will go into Analog-to-DV mode.
        If it receives DV Record, it will go into DV-to-Analog mode.


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          Thanks BH. So why have a switch that doesn't work if it just auto-detects? Shouldn't the color bars come on when that switch is held down regardless of the setting?


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            Originally posted by videoroy
            Thanks BH. So why have a switch that doesn't work if it just auto-detects? Shouldn't the color bars come on when that switch is held down regardless of the setting?
            The switch is there in the case of no device control, or if you want to manually change modes.

            The color bar output should come on regardless of the setting, but you should do it at power-up.


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              Thanks BH. Well then, perhaps my unit is not functioning properly. I'll take another look at it but I was unable to get the color bars on no matter how long I held down the button and I have never been able to use the button to select the input.


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                I had this problem as well when I first turned on my ADVC-300. Turns out that if I set the dip switch for operation mode to PC instead of UNIT, the input select button worked.

                Also, the reason I am having problems, I think, is because I only have 6-pin Firewire ports on my PC. Therefore, I have a feeling, even though I had an analog camera already plugged into the analog in ports on the ADVC, the ADVC automatically defaults to DV Input when the firewire cable is plugged into the 4-pin connector on the board. Since I don't have device control, I have no way of overriding this unless I switch to UNIT mode as mentioned above.

                Is this correct?

                N.B. I use Premiere Pro 2.0 with XP SP2.


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                  PC/Unit should apply to the analog input adjustment settings.

                  It should obey DV control either way.

                  Enable device control in Premiere Pro.

                  Going into Capture mode will put the ADVC in analog-to-DV mode (Analog In).

                  When you want to get analog output from realtime DV output from the timeline, do a short Export to Tape to put the ADVC into DV-to-analog mode (DV In).