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Help!!! I cannot get video with my ADVC55!

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  • Help!!! I cannot get video with my ADVC55!

    I just purchased this and I have a VHS player connected by RCA cables to the ADVC55 converter. The 6 pin to 6 pin firewire is connected to the back of my computer. I am using Windows XP Home Ed 2. There are two firewire inputs in the back of my tower.

    I can connect my Sony Digital 8 to my computer by a 4 pin to 6 pin firewire using Vegas or Windows Movie Maker and I can get a video signal.

    The ADVC55 has the green LED light on and appears to be working according to the User Manual. However, when I am connecting to the ADVC55 either by VHS or the Sony Digital 8 by the RCA cables, I get "A Video Capture Device Was Not Detected".

    One thing I have noticed is when I connect my Digital 8 camera to my computer, by the 6 pin 4 pin firewire, I will hear a chime that indicates an exterior hardware has been connected. When I connect the ADVC55, I do not hear this chime. Could there be something I need to switch on the inside of my computer software or is there something more serious?

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    Is the 6-pin port on your computer adequately powered?

    If it's a laptop, it may not have power (even though it's 6-pin).
    If it's an add-in FireWire card, sometimes you need to connect a power cable from the power supply to the card.

    The ADVC55 should appear in the Imaging Devices just like your DV/Digital8 camcorder does.

    And one last thing, make sure your capturing software sends the DV Play command. This usually means you should have Device Control enabled, rather than disabled like with other media converter boxes.