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  • problem of compression

    what is compression of canopus dv storm xa plus or nx i want video capture compression

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    ADVC (non HD) series and DVStorm series both use Consumer DV compression (just like DV camcorders).

    EDIUS NX can capture as uncompressed, Canopus HQ, Canopus Lossless, or Consumer DV.

    Uncompressed is uncompressed.
    Canopus HQ is variable-bitrate usually ranging from 120 to 160 Mbps on average
    Canopus Lossless is mathematically lossless so compression ratio ranges between 1:1 and 2:1 for the majority of footage.
    Consumer DV is 25 Mbps.


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      Hello Friends
      i have got it my ans dv compression if we can capture mini DV, DV25 ya DV that compression is that 5:1 and if we can capture in HQ that compression it 1.5:1 and it is veriable also both are the same data rate is same 25 mbps i give you link also where i can see

      1 Second = 3.5 MB
      1 Minute = 215 MB
      4 Minutes, 40 Seconds = 1 GB
      1 Hour = 13 GB


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        Those figures hold for DV, but Canopus Lossless ends up approx 1 GB/min.

        Canopus HQ rate will really vary on the type and nature of the footage. Some footage
        will compress very well, some will require extra bits.