Hey all,

Here is my dilema. I have had my AVDC for some time now and never been able to use it.....

I want to go from XBOX 360 to AVDC110 to laptop to LCD screen.

My ultimate goal is to capture live game footage. I have been able to capture footage onto my laptop going directly from the console to AVDC to Mac but the input options on the LCD aren't very forgiving.

So here are my options:

360 OUT- HDMI to LCD HDMI (today), other options, proprietary plug to VGA (on LCD) or Proprietary plug to component or RCA (don't use this today because of HDMI)

There are also USB jacks on the face but I have never used them for output so that might be an option too.

AVDC you guys know but I am using firewire to connect to MAC



So in order to get full use of the 360 I would like to stay HDMI and send the signal from the LCD to AVDC? USB to RCA conversion? For what I am doing sound is of no importance, video only, I'll be mixing my own sound under the video anyway after the fact.