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Will Picture Controller 300 software be Vista ready?

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    Thank you, works on W7/64.

    You have to install the PictureController in some other directory as the default.

    I put your files and the PC in one directory.
    (you have to edit the.cfg)

    Otherwise one needs admin rights to write .

    Contrary to what has been written elsewhere I could not find the elusive version of the PC which also stores its settings.

    Originally posted by kbosward View Post
    I wrote a little utility last year which allows you to save and load Picture Controller 300 settings. It also lets you turn on slider tick marks! (But no numeric values, sorry).

    It is called PCtrl300 Settings.



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      Originally posted by Torque View Post
      Thank you, works on W7/64
      Thanks for the feedback. I have to admit I haven't tried my little prog since I upgraded to Windows 7 (which was only a few months ago), and I expect it wouldn't work without admin privileges since it stores the settings in an INI file in the same directory as the executable. It was after all a quick and dirty effort :) I probably won't update it to be more Windows 7 friendly as I rarely do captures these days, and even more rarely adjust settings from the default.



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        I guess I woke up the dead by replying to this (just kidding), but thought it would be nice to reply.

        Good to read that you're still around!

        It's a very nice tool, and I wonder why saving/loading has not been part of
        the original PC.

        Many thanks!


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          It seems the ADVC 300 is End Of Life, so maybe GV could release the source code and let the community maintain it.


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   maybe GV could release the source code ...
            Are you speaking of the Picture Controller or the firmware in the ADCV300?

            Is here a consortium of SW developers ready to take on the task?

            Either way it would be a bit unusual to see source code release to the public domain. Issues could include that portions of the code are owned by others and only licensed by GV, or that portions are used in other products and still protected as proprietary, or that it would effectively compete with other GV products or partner products.


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              I was referring to the source for Picture Controller. I wouldn't mind giving it an overhaul and adding some features like saving/restoring presets, better preview window sizing, UI enhancements etc.


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                While I really like the idea of releasing the source for discontinued software, my feeling is that this is very, very, very unlikely to happen especially in the Grass Valley world.


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                  Yes, I have to agree that's it's not likely, it would be nice though ..

                  Some companies did so, for example Linksys with some of their routers.
                  (but only because they used GPL code in their commercial products)


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                    I'm currently (as in this moment) capturing a video from the ADVC-300 to Nero Video, but I set it up with the Picture Controller 300 software, downloaded from this site.

                    I'm running Windows 7 Pro - 64 bit