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Nominal audio level for ADVC 110???

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  • Nominal audio level for ADVC 110???

    Searching high and low for this info in specs but not seeing it... what is the nominal operating level for the audio I/O on this box? Is it -10dBv? Feeding it a -10dBv signal displays incredibly low dBfs in most apps I've tried but slamming it harder just seems to make it distort too easily. Is there a dip switch setting to adjust it?

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    Input should be consumer line-level, so -10dBV.

    What kind of source are you originating from? The balanced XLR inputs of the ADVC700 and ADVC3000 would be better for connecting to pro audio equipment.

    Audio stuff is crazier than video stuff sometimes!


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      Found more info from the engineers (still doesn't invalidate my XLR recommendation though):

      The input side on RCA is still -10dBV.

      The pin-jack for ADVC-100 sound output is not only amateurs but also professionals to use.

      About pin-jack, the maximum output voltage is 2Vrms for amateurs and professionals. Difference for each is digital recording average level. In professional, it is 20dBfs. In amateur, it is 12 dBfs.

      The maximum output level in ADVC-100:
      2Vems = +6dBV = +8.2dBu

      The average is depending on your recording contents.


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        Re: ADVC 110 Nominal Input Level

        Thanks, Brandon. I got the jist of what the engineer was saying though he left a coupla' minus signs off... :) If anyone else here is curious and/or doesn't already know this... dBFS works down/backwards from 0 so I'm guessing he meant consumer level (typically -10dBv) is equal to -20dBFS while pro level (typically +4dBu) is equal to -12dBFS though that math may be slightly off. Normally, there is 11.8? dB difference between -10dBv vs. +4dBu and NOT 14dB as would be assumed by the numbers. Note the difference between the "v" meaning ?volts? and the "u" meaning unweighted. The only real difference between the two, apart from the nominal operating level is that "usually" though not always, pro gear is balanced which gives it 6dB more level in a "truly" balanced circuit. For short cable runs it's largely trivial though. Using that logic, and what I presume to know about the difference between the two operating levels, I would assume that if pro level gear is -12dBFS (which I believe is correct) on this box, then consumer level gear would be at -23.8dBFS and NOT -20dBFS. For reference 6dB is presumed to be "twice as loud" and if I remember correctly, accounts for one bit of sampled resolution in a 16 bit converter. That makes for a lot of lost bits on conversion if one is not able to hit the analog stage of the ADVC 110 with a fairly significant signal level. miniDV by design only uses 16 bits so I'm sorta' hoping to get as many of 'em as possible... :)

        I'll look at the other boxes you've mentioned but I guess what I was sorta' hoping for was an input gain control so "IF" the incoming audio signal is nailing a none-too-stout analog input stage on the box, one could drop the level before input but then compensate ideally prior to the converter or alternatively and not quite as desirable, immediately following it.

        Thanks for looking into the question for me.

        Originally posted by GrassValley_BH View Post
        Found more info from the engineers (still doesn't invalidate my XLR recommendation though):

        The input side on RCA is still -10dBV.


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          Hey again, thanks for the audio clarification!

          Some folks have commented that the ADVC1x0's audio output was on the "hot" side and unfortunately there is no input gain control on the lower-end units.

          The ADVC700, ADVC300 and (discontinued) ADVC500 do have gain control and level meters for analog audio inputs.


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            I'm sorry, I'm a complete newbie to audio and am trying to use an advc 110 to facilitate capturing at the school I work at. Are you saying that the advc110 limits audio to -20db?

            I need to capture from analogue sources via firewire into Premiere Pro 1.5 (we've been promised CS3, but that's taking some time) and the audio is really, really quiet. Is thre any way to alter the audio out of the 110?



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              What type of device are you capturing from, and from what output?

              A standard line-level signal input to the ADVC should provide reasonable level audio.