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Brightness Fluctuations-VHS Capture using ADVC-110

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  • Brightness Fluctuations-VHS Capture using ADVC-110

    Hi Folks - a few users, including myself, have been plagued by brightness fluctuations when using the ADVC-110 to capture VHS to AVI. You'll start capturing video and all of a sudden the picture will just dim slightly - not a lot, but enough to be annoying. This is not a Macrovision issue - we're having the issue with all kinds of VHS tapes, including homemade ones. I'm using a JVC SVHS > Canopus 110 (S-Video Connection) > Firewire > Dell Pentium 4. Using Sony Vegas 7.0 for capturing. The firewire is powering the Canopus.

    We've tried using a different power source, but that didn't help. I tried powering down all electronics that are nearby and moving the canopus box like 4 feet away from my pc to no avail. I tried every combo of settings on the dip switches - nada. Is this a bug?

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    I believe I've seen this before with an S-VHS player. Does this happen if you use composite video output instead?


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      Yes, composite has the same issue - just tested it out. The weird thing is the "dimming" happenes in pretty much the same spots, until I eject and re-insert/play the VHS source. Then it starts happening in different spots.


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        Since you probably don't have another ADVC handy, to isolate this - can you try capturing from a different analog device? If it happens on other devices, sounds like the ADVC110 has an issue.

        What's the IRE setting on the underside of the unit set to, by the way?


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          I tried with an old school Sanyo VCR using a composite connection and the same issue occurs. I hooked up both VCR's to my plasma tv and there's no "dimming" whatsoever.

          IRE is set to "On" - 7.5/SECAM. This is the only dip switch I have set to "On" - every other switch in "Off".


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            Whatcha think Kenneally? I know my issue definitely is not related to Macrovision/copy protection. I tested with store bought TDK tapes - recorded TV shows to them and played them back on my TV w/o any issues whatsoever. I then try to play the vhs tape through my advc-110 and the "dimming" randomly occurs.

            So the question is - do all ADVC-110's have some sort of sensitivity issue, or does mine just have a bug?


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              It sounds like you might need to arrange an RMA with tech support - since the problem lies with the ADVC. (and I'm not thinking it's a timebase issue, given you've tested multiple newer tapes and vcrs)


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                I purchased it recently from NewEgg - should I just swap it for a new one? They have a 1 year exchange policy on the advc-110.


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                  Hey, I had problems copying from VHS myself. The only way I could get around them, cheaply, was to route the input signal thru the analogue in to my desktop DV machine (Sony DSR11), which then acted to shunt the signal through the card and a successful capture. Obviously, the DSR11 was switched to 'line in', but the card 'saw' it thu the firewire. If you have similar equipment, give it a try..

                  good luck!



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                    Any chance that you can send the VHS signal to a switcher and/or TBC and then go into the ADVC110?


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                      I don't have any sort of DV camera so that's out, but I have been checking out different stabilizers.
                      There's the DVD Red Pro:
                      DVD Red PRO. Copy and Capture Protected DVD,VHS to DVD,VHS,PC. Remove Macrovision Protection

                      Clear Pix:

                      And the Video Magic/Ultra:
             is available for purchase. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities!

                      I kind of like the looks of the last one even though it's pricier than the other two - has svideo, composite and audio which will help keeping things in sync.

                      Anyone ever played with any of these devices?


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                        ADVC300 Fixed My Problem

                        I first want to thank hip_school_preppie for initiating this thread. I came across the same exact experience last year with the ADVC110. I needed a high quality video capture device to capture a significant number of home movies from VHS and 8mm to digital format. The device needed to provide a simple and uncompressed pass-through to AVI, standalone box, and no NLE crapware or drivers to install. I also wanted to view the picture output during capture to determine the effectiveness of any filtering I may apply.

                        I purchased the ADVC110 (and the PSU5V power supply) in July 2007 and quickly realized a strange strobing effect with the brightness. This occurred with every tape I attempted to capture. I also tried using several different VCR units and cables - the same problem. I've tried both new and old tapes to no avail. Note that the original source looks fine when played back without going through the ADVC110. Also, this is not a Macrovision protection issue given the VCR tapes and 8mm tapes are all homemade plus the other movies I was attempting to capture were long before this feature.

                        After contacting Canopus technical support, I was told that the unit may be defective and to either RMA or return it. I decided to return it and look for other options. I decided to shell out the big $$$ and purchased the ADVC300. This solved the problem - no more up and down / strobing brightness! I am not a video expert by any stretch of the imagination so technically I don't know how the ADVC300 solved the problem. I was told by technical support that it might have been a weak signal and the ADVC300 has analog gains to strengthen the signal. In any case, it resolved my problem and I am cutting very nice DVDs with it (I am using PowerProducer from Cyberlink).

                        I hope this helps.