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Canopus ADVC1394 Not Functioning Properly / Detailed Report and Checklist Included

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  • Canopus ADVC1394 Not Functioning Properly / Detailed Report and Checklist Included

    my Canopus ADVC1394 is installed properly according to the manual, but i cannot capture anything with it.

    WinDV shows a live preview, which indicates that is must be installed properly as i'm getting a live video feed through the capture card, but it immediately crashes upon capture and gives me the generic report to microsoft dialog.

    VirtualVCR will not do anything and gives me a host of errors.

    Windows Movie Maker will not do anything and gives me a "Class not registered" error upon trying to capture (yes, i have tried all the information regarding this problem i could find on the internet, including rolling back WMP 11, as well as reregistering all of the dlls.)

    - uninstalled device & host controller from the device manager; rebooted
    - installed the latest controller from canopus
    - installed KB885222
    - performed all available windows updates

    note: running sp2

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    Try a different slot?

    I hope you already emailed or called Tech Support as well?

    And lastly... Is this a pre-built machine (Dell, HP, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Sony, Compaq, etc) or a machine you built on your own or had someone build for you?

    The reason I ask is that on occasion there have been problems with the 1394 subsystem on "preinstall images" that are common on big-name pre-built systems.

    Repair install of Windows sometimes fixes that, otherwise fresh OEM install of Windows from the Windows CD (not from the "restore/recovery" CD, as that just restores the system to its original but still broken state) fixes things.

    KB885222 shouldn't break anything further, but it doesn't help either, as the ADVC1394 is an 1394a, not a 1394b host.


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      haven't contacted tech support as i usually get nowhere with them with most companies. i resort to forums first and hope someone knowledgeable, or someone that has experienced the same problem will drop by.

      i will try a different slot, i am using the bay also which i forgot to mention.

      and the machine was built by me. it has a MSI socket-A mobo if that is of any importance to you.


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        Well now that's not really fair... You should at least give them a chance before you condemn them to uselessness.

        Now for my favorite analogy...
        If your house was on fire, would you:
        a) Email the fire department.
        b) Get online and check some forums to see how to stop your house from being on fire.
        c) Pick up the phone and call 911.

        If you answered a or b, congratulations, you have earned a potential spot in The Darwin Awards. My wife says that death due to indirect or non-causal stupidity does not count, though.

        Don't use non-immediate means for immediate answers. You will be disappointed.
        Seriously though, unless you find a direct solution online, it'll take longer to go back-and-forth online than through direct voice (unless you're in IM), and you can't do an RMA with us over the forum.

        If you still have troubles, just give support a call. They're a friendly and helpful bunch. And just 15 minutes might save you a load on your car insurance too!


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          long story short, i got it to work... the s-video input (unfortunately) is just not working... composite is fine.

          have another problem though now. when i plug in any device, either into the card directly, or into the bay, i get scanning ghost lines all across my monitor, which translate into the captured video, even after i have unplugged the device, so it is actually effecting my outputted video.....


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            Sounds like electrical interference. Move the the video signal cables away from TVs, power cords, wall adapters, etc.