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ADVC-300 Component out

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  • ADVC-300 Component out

    I would like to purchase this box.....2 questions:

    I would like to use the "component" out, does it come with the specified
    "D1 Component Cable? If not where can I get it in the US?

    Also, are all video outputs active at the same time?

    (My advc110 spits out s-video and composite at the same time)

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    I have answered all your questions via e-mail.


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      For the peanut gallery...
      1. In the US/Canada yes. This may not be the case in other regions. However, the Component Out connector on the ADVC300 is a standard "D-Terminal" connector popular in Asia. Some of the JVC HDV camcorders use a D-Terminal connector for component output as well.

      2. Yes, all available analog outputs are active simultaneously.


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        D1 Cable Purcahse

        Where do you buy the D1 cable?


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          Where? Good question. Does GV offer replacement parts support? That might be the fastest source. An alternative would be from a current ADVC300 owner who does not want their cable.

          You may be able to make on up if you are handy with a soldering iron. Would take a few minutes for someone to map the pins to RBG and ground.

          This is a source for what I believe are the special 14-pin miniature "D" connectors. It is not a standard "D" connectors used for serial ports, monitors, etc. and has a locking grip on the cable end.


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            We do offer replacement parts, but the ADVC 5x, 1x0, 300, 500, 700 and I believe 1000 are EOS (end of service) so I'm not sure if there will be anything available.

            Doesn't hurt to query GV Support, I suppose. :)

            If no luck there, Rakuten Global has some D-Terminal to Component options, though after shipping and such it's probably cheaper to get the Canon DTC1000 cable from a US source.

            It should work as long as Canon is using a standard D-Terminal pinout, which being a Japanese company, they should be.