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Compression Settiing in ADVC 300

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  • Compression Settiing in ADVC 300

    1) What compression setting do I use if I am capturing footage with an ADVC 300 directly into my 13" macbook onto an external firewire drive? I will then be importing this footage into Final Cut Express HD 3.5.

    2) Is this the best way to go about converting and capturing using the ADVC? I only have one firewire connection on my Macbook and I didn't have success with the ADVC connected to the external drive and then the external drive connected to the macbook. Do I need a fire wire hub so I have both the external drive and the ADVC connected to the macbook? Would I then be able to capture directly with Final Cut Express onto the external hard drive?

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    The ADVC outputs DV, so if you save it in that format, no transcoding will need to be done and you will preserve the full quality of the analog-to-digital conversion.

    I routinely use my ADVC-300 when it is plugged into an external Firewire drive, with the Firewire cable plugged into the front of the ADVC. My understanding is that the port in the rear can be used as well as long as nothing is plugged into the front at the same time.