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cant get advc300 to work - mac - final cut

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  • cant get advc300 to work - mac - final cut

    I have purchased an ADVC300 to convert video from my video deck, I have connected, and followed all instructions, but I am getting some strange results.
    In picture controller I am getting a black and white preview and no audio, not sure if this is correct?
    In imovie and finalcut, I cannot batch capture, because there is no signal and the device is not recognised.
    Please help, I am deperate, I have a monday deadline.
    Thanks in advance to anyone who tries to help.

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    Sounds like your input television standard (NTSC or PAL) doesn't match the ADVC300's setting.

    Check the DIP switches, make appropriate changes and power-cycle the ADVC.

    If you're using a SCART connection, also make sure that it's output-capable and your device is actually sending the proper signal (S-Video or Composite) - not all devices put both S-Video and Composite signals on the SCART connection, which can end up with a connector that's not carrying the right signal.