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Hi8 source best settings for ADVC 300

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  • Hi8 source best settings for ADVC 300

    I have a rather old Hi8 camera from SONY, the CCD-V600E/PAL,
    it has 470000 pixels, and uses 2 MHz to store/show more than 400 horizontal lines. I use a 4 pin mini-DIN S Video wire to connect it to the ADVC.

    Are there any special settings to consider when capturing from this unit?

    For example, I'm not sure what to choose when capturing;
    - to drop some frames so that it's an exact 25.000 using the capture software,
    - to leave it as is (raw variable framerate, which seems to turn out to be around 26.016 fps with Hi8 source on the ADVC 300), and then later on change it to 25 fps (while processing the DV type2 .avi).
    I especially want to know this in respect to audio-video sync.

    Thanks for any advice on this.