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  • are there any benifits

    are there any benefits or for that matter disadvantages in using the ADVC100 to capture from a dv camera. I have a DV canon Camera and wanted to know if it makes a indifference if i go from my camera into the ADVC100 and then into the computer for capture or is it best just to go fro camera into computer, i am working with FCP HD and have a G% mac.
    any info would be helpful. as you can tell i am just starting out
    thank you

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    Using the ADVC100's passthrough makes no difference to the quality of DV - it's the same "ones and zeros" that end up on the computer.

    You may find, however, a problem in getting some software to recognise the signal coming in from the camera, if it first has to go through the ADVC (since the ADVC requires in some cases, a bit of "manual" control with regards to DV device control from the software).

    So really what my recommendation is, is go direct whenever possible.