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using a advc100 to view broadcast monitor

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  • using a advc100 to view broadcast monitor

    Hi everyone,
    I have a ADVC 100 and i want to use it to connect my G5 to a broadcast monitor. i just want to use it as a reference monitor. I thought all i had to do is plug it in, fire wire out from my computer to the ADVC100 out from ADVC via s video into broadcast monitor. but it does not seem to be working i get not picture on the monitor.(monitor is working fine on its own)
    so my question is is there something i need to do to the settings of the ADVC100 or a prefernce setting in FCP hd i need to do to get this working. any info would be greatly appreciated.
    thank you

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    Provided the ADVC unit is set to Digital In, and FCP has been instructed to provide realtime DV output through the FireWire port, this is all that's need.

    Obviously, this means it will only function with FCP DV NTSC/PAL projects.