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advc 100 and Premier Pro 3.0

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  • advc 100 and Premier Pro 3.0

    I have used the advc 100 with Premier Pro 2.0 without problem. Now with 3.0 the computer stalls on capture and does not see the canopus box when trying to output video through firewire to the box then out to tape machines. I've tried this on one computer with a MAtrox card and another without. Both have the same problem. Adobe says they have tested 3.0 with this box with no problem. They are asking if there is a firmware update.

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    The ADVC looks like a camera. It also acts like a camera, meaning that if it receives a DV Play command, it goes into Analog->DV mode. If it receives a DV Record command, it goes into DV->Analog mode.

    When device control is enabled, performing a DV capture should send the proper DV Play command, which will start free-running timecode rolling and convert the incoming analog signal to DV.

    For timeline playback out to analog after capture, the ADVC needs to receive a DV Record command. The easiest way is to do a 5-second DV Print to Tape with device control enabled.