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  • ADVC-300 Question


    This is my first time here having been referred to this forum by a member of the Canopus Forum over at the "cow".

    I have had the ADVC100 for a long time and it's working great, but now I finally retired from the railroad and doing my video business full time. I got a lot of old VHS tapes I want to capture and get onto DVD before they totally disintergrate! I'm thinking about getting the ADVC300 as I see it's got a TBC plus various enhancing tools.

    I'm curious on how it works. Do you have to manually set things up based on the current quality of a VHS tape, or is some of the settings automatic? Is there any tutorial or help anywhere or do you get enough info in the box?

    Also I've been told that the ADVC-100 also has a TBC so now I'm rather stumped. IS it the same that's in the ADVC-300 then? I wouldn't think so but that's why I'm here asking.

    Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated.


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    A few of the functions are automatic, but most are not.

    If you want the best quality, you will need to spend some time adjusting the ADVC 300 parameters to achieve this. Particularly the noise filtering.

    I had a particularly poor video that was shot in low light with lots of noise - I spent a lot of time adjusting these parameters on the ADVC-300.

    The other approach is to capture it as-is using the ADVC-300, and then using your editing system to correct the problems.

    I use a bit of both.


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      The nice thing about changes to the ADVC-300 settings is that they take effect immediately, so if your capture application has a Preview window that shows you what the device sends out, then you can see whether any changes you make improve the picture or make it worse. I strongly recommend trying to clean up the video as much as possible using the filters built into the ADVC-300.

      The ADVC-110 does not have a TBC.


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        Originally posted by THoff View Post
        The ADVC-110 does not have a TBC.
        Nor does its predecessor, the ADVC100.


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          Originally posted by allenz View Post
          I'm thinking about getting the ADVC300 as I see it's got a TBC plus various enhancing tools.

          I'm curious on how it works.
          The ADVC has a line-based TBC, which will not do as good a job on some video as a frame-based TBC would.

          You might want to look into getting a frame-based TBC and a proc amp if you are doing really bad tapes and a lot of them. They might do better for you in the long run and eliminate frustrations. But the only people who can really answer that are people who have done a lot of this work using different methods.. but these people are around..

          As far as does the ADVC300 work to clean up the video, the answer is yes. I originally bought the ADVC300 to put some old teaching videos, used by students at home, onto DVD. The only copies we had were old copies previously used by students. The ADVC300, just using the out-of-box setting, cleaned up the tapes so that the DVDs looked much better than playing the original tapes.

          This impressed the people enough that I was doing them for that they gave me a lot more work.

          As a side note, Procoder (which I have used and used, and really like compared to anything else) has an auto-gain setting for audio